Request Help from the Mercs

If you’d like a mercenary to help you with a quest that is giving you difficulty, check here for information. Make sure to head to the appropriate forums and take a few minutes to read our guidelines to make sure that scheduling and running your request goes smoothly.

Mercenaries For Hire will help with both questing and farming in any sigil-lit areas in Wizard101.

Mercenaries For Charter will help with both questing and farming in Pirate101.

To request help in Wizard101, please visit our main forum over at Wizard101 Central. This site is our main base of operations. Currently, our other forums (Diary of a Wizard and Wizard101 UK) are offline indefinitely. Should the Diary of a Wizard community re-open, we will again maintain service there. At some point in the future we may re-open for service on Wizard101 UK, but with the proliferation of new content and Pirate101 means that we are quite busy.

To request help in Pirate101, please visit our main thread at Pirate101 Central. This is the only location at which we currently plan to accept help requests for Pirate101.

For more specific information on how to make a request, head on over to the applicable M4H or M4C site and read the posts in the “Services” section. We look forward to taking on the Spiral with you!