HooDoo Bundle; Get a Peek!

The latest bundle, the Hoodoo Bundle, has now officially entered the game! And we here at Mercenaries for Charter are here to give you a recap!

First off – the companion! Hoodoo Cornelius is a melee Witchdoctor companion, with a “new” power – Go Bananas! Go Bananas is Reckless Frenzy, just with a different name. Pretty cool to have that power on a companion! He also can promote twice, and here are pictures of each of his looks.

Tier One:

Picture 2014-02-12 15-48-40

Tier Two: 3990 Gold to Promote via quest Promotion!

Picture 2014-02-12 15-49-36

Tier Three: 6925 gold to promote via quest Promotion!

Picture 2014-02-12 16-13-22


Next up, the gear! Here are the looks!

Picture 2014-02-12 16-00-31


The stats are as followed:

Picture 2014-02-12 16-16-27 Picture 2014-02-12 16-16-30 Picture 2014-02-12 16-16-33


Next, the ship! It is a Heavy Ghost Galleon (mine happens to be called Glowing Crossroad! haha). It comes with special parts, from Davy Jones’ Anchor to Kelpie’s Tail. It is pretty sweet looking!

Picture 2014-02-12 16-20-24


Next, is the standard! The Baron Samedi’s Standard is the newest standard in the game! This one has NO penalty, which is pretty awesome! What this one does is called “Bolster Undead”. It’s a fancy term for every round, all UNDEAD companions get health back. Pretty cool if you ask me!

Picture 2014-02-12 16-06-11

Picture 2014-02-12 16-06-26

Finally, the housing item! The Witchdoctor’s Lab is a sweet housing item, which is just what the name implies, a lab. There is an interactable cauldron located within it, which creates a magical show, just take a look! (I also included some other pics of the lab for viewing pleasures)

Picture 2014-02-12 15-57-44


Picture 2014-02-12 15-59-37


Picture 2014-02-12 15-58-42