Teasers Galore; What’s To Come?

Over the past two months, Pirate101 has released in total, five teasers of what seems to be a future content update to come. The first one, just released today, is of a flamingo NPC along-side Ol’ Fish Eye.



The second one appears to be a new Colosseum-like area that has been added onto Skull Island. Ranked PvP perhaps?



The third picture is of a shark creature in Vladma’s office. What is he doing there? (He says: Hola, tiny captain! I seek passage with you.)

Pirate101 Teaser 4

Fourth, we have Barmy, who appears to be really confused…


Lastly, we have what appears to be locks over chests. What could this mean?Pirate101 Teaser 2

We here at M4C can’t wait to see, and we bet you can’t either. Happy pirating!

UPDATE: KingsIsle has just released a SIXTH picture! Man, they do like teasers.