VisionTek Ship

There’s a new ship on the skyways!

This exclusive Pirate101 Pirate Ship can only be obtained through purchasing a VisionTek Radeon™ graphics card!

Thanks to One Eyed Jack, we were able to get a code for this ship and can now share our thoughts on it.



Some of its features include

1- The ship is a “VisionTek” Origin Galleon and because of this, when you redeem the code for the ship, it will already have a few pieces of gear already attached to it, specifically the Red Bird Figurehead, Star Ruby Sails, Coral Fluke, and Horn of the Crimson Fog.

2- Anchor, Cannon, and Wheel (just like all other ships) are able to be upgraded on this ship per normal.

3- You’ll notice that there is no armor on this ship, and you will not be able to place armor on this ship; however, the defenses for the ship are already built into the stats of the ship.

4- The ship can be redeemed in Tiers 1-6 with varying levels. The sixth tier of the ship is level 65.

It has a very unique look so pirates with this ship can cruise around in style. This high tech ship will certainly stand out among the crowd.


Picture 2013-09-24 21-52-34

Not to mention it has great stats and even comes with its own gear!

VisionTek Galleon stats 1

VisionTek Galleon stats 2
VisionTek Galleon stats 3
VisionTek Galleon stats 4


If you would like more info on how to obtain this exclusive ship you can look here