The Immortal Games

The ancient gods of Aquila have a challenge for you! They’re hosting their Immortal Games, but can you prove yourself worthy?

Wow! Cool new updates from KI for all wizzies of all levels!

Mount Olympus for level 30s, Atlantea for level 70s, and onto Hades for level 90s. Wow! So of course, we have guides. ;)

We are really, REALLY excited about the new Loremaster boss! Yay, those crafted spells are going to be dropped along with a brand new balance spell! So, of course, we made a guide about it too! :)

Deck naming and locking your gear, great! We now have a way to figure out which deck is for Morganthe, Belloq, mobs, other bosses! Also, no more accidentally selling off your waterworks gear. Whew!

New level 75 minion spells look great for soloists and yay, more gear. :)

Have fun storming Aquila!