A Ship in Time

Pirate101 test realm is ONLINE (barring the occasional server downtime) and ready to be tested! The update notes have some amazing goodies. Check out more information on the amazing new worlds in either the update notes themselves, or these fantastic articles about this huge expansion on MMORPG and Massively.



Among these larger details there are a lot of FANTASTIC addition and tweaks that all add up to a MAJOR improvement in gameplay. These are some of the highlights that stood out to our team:

– many new powers and talents for your pirate (a personal favorite – at level 52, witchdoctors will receive mojo echo as a talent!)

– the gold cap has been increased to 200,000.

– the BAZAAR is back! Buy and sell your items to other players for profit and better stats.

– more side quests which can be completed in free to play areas.

– turret bosses in skyways to make for more epic Nautical XP farming with friends!

– TRANSPORTALATORS in the main hub of each world will allow your pirate to travel directly from one world to another! This will cost gold for members and Crowns for non-members.



There is a WHOLE LOT of stuff going on in this update, so read over those update notes…. or just get yourself into test realm to check out all the fantastic updates headed our way!