Test Realm is up! Sort of….

Earlier today Kingsisle opened the test realm for a few minutes but…..

Whoops! We we ran into a small snag while starting up the Test Realm, and we’ll be back as soon as possible. In the meantime, please enjoy the update notes. Thanks for your patience. We’ll let you know when we’re back online!- One-Eyed Jack

Well what do you have to look forward to when it opens? Glad you asked ^_^

All info is from the update notes. Be sure to check out the full list!
Right-click on a Companion in the Companion Management interface, and that Companion will never be chosen for combat. You will be granted your first “Benching” marker at 15th level with more Bench Markers added as you gain levels.
Bonnie Anne has been given a very nice healing power of her own so that all players have access to healing, regardless of class or background. The amount of healing from Bonnie Anne is affected ONLY by how wounded the target is: More wounded = more healing.
The following changes have been made to help align them in power with the other classes:

  • The “Berserk” talent has been renamed “Turn the Tide” to better fit the desired theme. This change will affect player Buccaneers and a very small set of crowns-only units that had this Talent.
  • In addition, ALL Buccaneers have now been granted Turn the Tide as a Talent:
    • Rank 1: When you are below 50% health, you gain a +25% damage bonus.
    • Rank 2: In addition to the above, you also gain a +25% accuracy bonus.
    • Rank 3: Wait and see!
  • We have increased the debuff duration of all of the Buccaneer “Mighty Charge” attack powers. (Previously the debuff lasted just a single round.)
  • The “Repel Boarders” Epic Talent no longer has a chance to fail. It will work as advertised (within the normal limits of uses-per-turn).
  • The “Leviathan’s Call” Power will now also reduce damage from Ranged attacks.
  • Finally, we have created more distance between “Heavy Armor” units and “Light Armor” units by increasing the total amount of armor enjoyed by units that had the Heavy Armor talent. This will affect most Buccaneers, but heavy-armored units of other classes (for example, Louis le Bisque) will also benefit. The intent was to make heavily armored units feel more noticeably armored by widening the gap between them and the less armored units.
When players open their Powers menu, they’ll see all their powers arranged just like their companions are. Players can now arrange their powers through dragging and dropping them in the interface — Powers at the top of your list are more likely to appear when you begin combat!Content goes here
An overall rebalancing of loot has added over 145 new rare items to Pirate101. Loot tables throughout the game have also been rebalanced to provide a more equitable distribution of items for all classes. We’ve even added more secret treasure chests throughout Monquista, Valencia, Cool Ranch, and MooShu!
Be on the lookout for Admiral Barnsley, Black Jack Ketchum, The Salt Witch, Bai Lang, Admiral Chen Ling, Timur Khan, and Sanada Juyushi. Rumor has it that sinking their ships can result in some nice salvaged equipment!