Pirate101 Reset and Bundle Promos!

In the wee hours of September 19th, Pirate101 Beta was reset and a new build was added to the system for testing. This means that, although a lot of great updates were ushered in, all characters were wiped at the game began again with a fresh slate!


It’s back to fighting Troggies for a while!

The Mercenaries For Charter team members are throwing ourselves into this latest (and possibly last) build of Pirate101 Beta, searching for changes, updates, and new information. While we’re in this process, our guides and information posted on this site may be out of date or inaccurate – we’re working on getting up to date and accurate information, so please bear with us while we work our way through this build. Since our characters have been wiped, we have also temporarily shut down for service, to allow ourselves to work through the new content and update our guides and information.

As well, today, Pirate101 has released a preview of the items contained in their new BoochBeard Bundle! We have to say, it looks pretty epic – the gear is great, companion is fun (I wonder if he’s de-clawed…), the mount is fantastically piratey, the house is amazing, and the pet looks like it wants to grow up to be the mount. ;)   We can’t wait for the chance to check out these awesome items, decorate that house, and blaze around the Spiral with our birdie buddies!

This guy is vicious alley cat all the way. Watch out for the claws!

You’ll be fine as long as he doesn’t try to perch on your shoulder.

Every good pirate knows to match his boots to his feather.

I always wanted a houseboat…