We’ve got the Moves Like Jaguar!

Today, KingsIsle has released their brand new JAGUAR mount!

The 7-day mount can be purchased for just 2,000 Crowns, and you can own it PERMANENTLY for 6,500! Or….. you could stay tuned to this post right here on our Mercenaries for Hire site. You’ll get to participate in a little scavenger hunt and get the chance to win one for FREE!

We’ll be sending you on a bit of a scavenger hunt around the Spiral to seek out some answers. The first TEN people to comment on this post with the correct answers will win a code for a free, permanent jaguar mount! (Note that all comments are moderated and will not be approved/appear until all the winning entries are received, so NO COPYING!) While you’re here, don’t forget to pop by our Fall Farming Festival poll to vote for what you’d most like do at our upcoming farming event.

Tune back to Mercenaries for Hire at 9:30pm Eastern, 8:30pm Central, 7:30pm Mountain and 6:30pm Pacific for the contest details!