Purreau’s Pack & PvP info

As of today, KingsIsle has officially re-released Purreau’s Plentiful Pet Provision Pack!

This pack will give you a chance of winning one of a dozen new pets (perhaps even more!)  with new talents and abilities that will have pat hatchers wanting more… and more is exactly what they’ll get, with the release of the new mega pet age and a fifth talent!

New coveted talents include:

-increased critical
-increased critical block
-heal boost
-may cast auras (such as berserk, empowerment, conviction, etc)
-may cast life bat

and many more goodies, including several new card-giving talents.

These pets come with a variety of innate cards, from link to unicorn to everything in between. For more information on these new pets and talents, check out the wiki and pet sections over at Wizard101 Central.

To help you train up all these new pets, the pack also drops many varieties of new pet snacks, as well as seeds which are sure to drop some epic loot. Give the new pack a try and see what comes your way! Along with the release of the pack and a ‘mega’ talent, KingsIsle has brought Grumpy Gobblers and the Way of the Ninja Pig into love realm as well – we understand that there’s a special treat in store for those who play these new games often!

KingsIsle has also announced that they will now be placing Hall Monitors on patrol in the Spiral! Hall Monitors will have the power to instantly warn or even mute players who are not abiding by the family-friendly rules that KingsIsle has set in place. Thank you, KingsIsle, for coming up with another great way to keep the game safe for your younger players!

Finally, there will be no changes to PvP with this update. After reviewing the numbers, it would seem this fix isn’t the most effective direction to take, and KingsIsle will be looking for more effective ways to deal with the current problems in the matching system. We look forward to seeing what new ideas they come up with!

We can’t wait to explore these latest updates with you! Enjoy the new pets products, and we’ll see you in the pet pavillion!