Open Now – Wizard101 Test Realm

KingsIsle has opened Wizard101 test realm again and has some MAJOR updates to the game for you to check out!

Update 1 – The Pet System

Pets can now be trained to a FIFTH level – and with it gain a fifth talent! This new level is known as “Mega” and requires 2000 experience points, with each pet game between epic and mega costing 10 pet energy.

Some have already asked us how this fifth talent will affect our Mercenary “mascot” pets. At present, we have no intention of trying to build in a fifth talent, simply because we cannot expect anyone to train and hatch for so many talents, especially when the grind to mega is so intense. That being said, should anyone want to go for it themselves, we would recommend trying to add Blade Flurry to the mix.

To make this is a bit easier, you can now feed pets TWO snacks after a derby race! Plus, there are two new pet games for you to enjoy – Grumpy Gobblers, and The Way of the Ninja Pigs. And on the way – new pets with long-awaited stats like Critical Boost, Critical Block, Armor Piercing, Heal Boosts and Stun Resist.

Grumpy Gobblers


The Way of the Ninja Pig

For those of you find yourselves getting impatient with those eggs that have the misfortune of having a 24 hour hatch time, there is  a new hatching elixir that will instaneously hatch any eggs in your backpack. For you avid pet hatchers out there, Dr Purreau has a new Potion for you. Potion #9 will allow your pet to get back into the hatching fray on a moment’s notice (even if they don’t know if it’s day or night).


Update 2 – The PvP System

After hearing the cries of the PvP community over puppet teaming, KingsIsle has taken measures to combat the practice by weighting match formulas more heavily towards level rather than rank. They’ve also done their best to short wait times for both PvP and Pet Derby matches.

KingsIsle is depending on your feedback to work on this matching system, so get out there and test, test, test! It’s important to keep right on testing, even when test has been going on for a while, to see how any tweaks to the matching formula will affect the system.

There are a few new PvP gear rewards, plus some fantastic new arenas – check them out and see what you think!


Update 3 – Miscellaneous Changes

In addition to hatching potions, the additional castle space elixir, formerly only available in bundles, will now also be available in the crowns shop. There’s also a new crafting elixir which will reset all of your crafting timers if you’re in a hurry to get that new item.

The recipes for the craftable spells Goat Monk, Samoorai, and Ninja Pigs are now ONLY available from YanKan Kook, who appears following the defeat of the Plague Oni in Shiritaki Temple.

The drop rate of Crowns seeds has been increased. Keep an eye out on the Mercenaries For Hire events page, as we may host another seeds farming event in the future afer this update hits live realm.

There is a new “Friend Finder Code” option which will allow you to add a friend’s character to your friends list in BOTH KingsIsle games!

Tehre are new housing items to be picked up! They’re hiding for you in the Wysteria, Grizzleheim, Avalon, Zafaria and Celestia! For more information on where to find these new items, check out this great guide on Wizard101 Central.

For the full update notes, with much more complete and thorough information, please check out these test realm update notes (note that you may need to be signed in to Wizard101’s site to see this page).